How to Get Rid of [Some Spyware, Adware, Browser Toolbar]

FILExt is a site that deals with file extensions and the programs that use those extensions. However, since people get sent to FILExt when they click on a variety of file types in an attempt to remove something they no longer want (usually some form of Ad-ware or Spyware) this FAQ item was created to help.

First, realize that FILExt has nothing to do with those programs! FILExt did not send them to you or install them on your computer! You did that yourself by clicking on something that installed the program on your computer and then allowed it to run if/when Windows asked you if it could.

Since the number of these sorts of things change quickly, FILExt does not intend to keep a current listing; there are sites that do this already. Check out...

You should be able to find removal instructions and/or further information about the particular form of spyware you have at one of the above sites.

If you don't want to do that, you can just run one of these removal programs...

Microsoft also now has an anti-spyware program called Defender (they bought out Giant) and are offering a version free for now.

Note: Before running any of these programs you should first make a registry backup. This is very important because sometimes a malware removal program will cause your system to stop recognizing EXE files and programs won't run. Sometimes you can restore the backup to fix this and then use another removal program. If that doesn't work FILExt has a FAQ describing how you should be able to fix the EXE file problem. If you don't know how to back the registry up please see the discussion here...

Finally, since FILExt is not primarily a security or general support site, if these don't work for you please visit the Windows Support Center at In particular, see their Quick Fix Protocol and Forums should the general resources fail you. There is a wealth of information on that site.

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