How to Find Information About Specific Filenames

The FILExt site is designed to give you information about what program uses particular file types as defined by their file extensions.

Sometimes, you might want to know about a particular file; not a data file, but a particular .DLL or .EXE file.

While this can be a daunting process because of the sheer number of such files, sites exist that attempt to give you that information: is a product of FILExt the people behind WinTasks 5 Professional, a program that gives you control over all processes running on your personal computer. This award-winning product gathers detailed information on all running processes. WinTasks then gives you simple explanations for thousands of programs - allowing you to remove useless resource hogs and security threats - in just a few clicks. The website is a Web version of the WinTasks program database. is a developing database of programs and .DLL files. Each file in the database on that site has basic information about which program owns the file, version and size information, checksum data, and other data as available.

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