File Extension DAT

.DAT File

File extension: DAT
File type: Data

Notes about the DAT file extension:

To open this file type, a required software must be installed. Without it you only see a Windows message "The following file cannot be opened" (Windows 7) or "How do you want to open this file?" (Windows 10) if you double-click the file. There click on "More apps" and choose a suitable software to view such files on your PC or from email attachments.

The DAT file type is primarily associated with 'Data'. Can be just about anything: text, graphic, or general binary data. There is no specific structure for a .DAT file. You can use an editor like EditPad Pro to look inside a .DAT file and possible determine its contents and relationship with a program. If you are looking for information on the file INDEX.DAT please see the FAQ.

Detailed information for file extension DAT:

Primary association: Data
Mime type: application/octet-stream, zz-application/zz-winassoc-dat
Related links: FILExt INDEX.DAT and Open DAT FAQ

Other applications associated with file type DAT:

  • Allegro (Generic Packfile Data)Allegro is a game programming library for C/C++ developers; distributed freely and supporting multiple platforms. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 73 6C 68 21 , ASCII: slh! , Compressed , Hex: 73 6C 68 2E , ASCII: slh , Uncompressed Related links: Packfile Format Information
  • AVG (6 Integrity Database) by AVG TechnologiesAVG is anti-virus and computer security software. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 41 56 47 36 5F 49 6E 74 65 67 72 69 74 79 5F 44 61 74 61 62 61 73 65 , ASCII: AVG6_Integrity_Database
  • Chuzzle (Saved Game)Chuzzles are googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you poke and push them across the board. This association is classified as Game. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: AD BE 00 00 05 00 00 00 31 2E , ASCII: 1.
  • Clarion (DOS Database) by SoftVelocityThe .DAT file is usually associated with .K## (##=numbers) key files that are indexes into the data. There may also be a .MEM memo file. This is a structure used by DOS versions of the software. If the .K## files are not available and are not automatically rebuilt you can use the oldest DOS version of Clarion Professional Developer to build them. Related links: Clarion Magazine, Clarion Information
  • Commodore 64 (Audio) The Mime types used with this association are: audio/psid, audio/x-psid, audio/sidtune, audio/x-sidtune.
  • Daqarta (Extended Audio Data) by Interstellar ResearchDaqarta uses your Windows sound card to provide high performance waveform and FFT spectrum analysis, color spectrograms, signal averaging, signal generation, and advanced options for lab or personal use. You can open saved files, including standard WAV files collected elsewhere, to analyze waveform, spectrum, or spectrogram displays of file data. Even many unsupported formats can be opened via manual selection of format parameters. This association is classified as Audio.
  • DBISAM (Database Table) by Elevate Software, Inc.DBISAM is an embedded database engine for use by developers within their applications. It is currently available for the Borland Delphi, C++Builder, Developer Studio, and Kylix products, the CodeGear RAD Studio products, and any development environment that can use ODBC for data access such as PHP or Java. This association is classified as Database.
  • Digital Audio Tape
  • EasyRecovery (Saved Recovery State) by Kroll Ontrack Inc. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 45 52 46 53 53 41 56 45 44 41 54 41 46 49 4C 45 , ASCII: ERFSSAVEDATAFILE
  • Exchange Server (Error Message (WINMAIL.DAT)) by Microsoft CorporationWhen an end user sends mail to the Internet from an Exchange Windows or Outlook client, a file attachment called WINMAIL.DAT may be automatically added to the end of the message if the recipient's client cannot receive messages in Rich Text Format (RTF). The WINMAIL.DAT file contains Exchange Server RTF information for the message, and may appear to the recipient as a binary file. A program called WMDecode can be used to recover any attachments from the WINMAIL.DAT file. Another program would be Winmail Opener.Related links: WMDecode, Winmail Opener
  • Guild Wars (Data) by ArenaNet, Inc.Guild Wars is an episodic series of multiplayer online role-playing games developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 33 41 4E 1A , ASCII: 3AN Related links: Guild Wars Data File Format, Wikipedia Guild Wars Page
  • Gunlok ArchiveRelated links: Dragon UnPACKer
  • Inno Setup (Uninstall Log) by Jordan RussellInno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals many commercial installers in feature set and stability. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 49 6E 6E 6F 20 53 65 74 75 70 20 55 6E 69 6E 73 74 61 6C 6C 20 4C 6F 67 20 28 62 29 , ASCII: Inno Setup Uninstall Log (b)Related links: Wikipedia Inno Setup Page
  • Internet Explorer (Cache File) by Microsoft Corporation The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 43 6C 69 65 6E 74 20 55 72 6C 43 61 63 68 65 20 4D 4D 46 20 56 65 72 20 , ASCII: Client UrlCache MMF Ver Related links: FILExt INDEX.DAT FAQ
  • LabVIEW (Binary Datalog) by National Instruments CorporationLabVIEW is a software tool for designing test, measurement, and control systems. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 44 54 4C 47 , ASCII: DTLGRelated links: Wikipedia LabVIEW Page
  • LithTech Game (Compiled Level File) by Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.Use the Lith Tools DEdit to compile the level resources. Upon compiling, the level file will become a binary .DAT file which the game uses.Related links: Lith Tools
  • MapInfo (Native Data Format) by Mapinfo Corporation The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 03 , ASCII:
  • Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
  • MS Word for DOS File
  • My Personal Programmer (Distributed Project) by M:Pact TechnologiesUse to produce programs visually. This file is read by the produced .EXE file in order to run the written program. The encrypted version of this file carries a .ENC extension.
  • Nascar Racing ArchiveRelated links: Dragon UnPACKer
  • Nero (CD Speed Results File) by Nero AGNero’s digital media suite offers DVD/CD burning, editing and authoring, video, audio, photo, networking and back-up applications.Program ID: NeroMediaPlayer.File , NeroMIX.File , NeroShowTime.Files
  • Norton Disk Doctor (Undo File) by Symantec Corporation The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 50 4E 43 49 55 4E 44 4F , ASCII: PNCIUNDO
  • Novell Message File
  • Oric Atmos (Snapshot)The Oric is an 8-bit computer from the eighties. Originally there was the black and grey Oric-1. This was upgraded to become the Oric Atmos. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 16 16 16 24 00 00 , ASCII: $
  • Peachtext (List Manager) by Peachtree Software (Sage Software SB, Inc.)Peachtext started out in 1979 as the CP/M program Magic Wand by Les Pinter, Mike Griffin and Bill Radding. It featured full screen text editing along with user-defined variables and a number of other advanced features for the period. Magic Wand became Peachtext by Peachtree Software about the time Microsoft Word version 1 came out. Peachtree was later acquired by the Sage Group in 2002 for US$145 million. The Peachtext program is no longer supported by Peachtree.Related links: A Brief History of Word Processing (to 1986)
  • PestPatrol (Data/Scan Strings) by PestPatrol, Inc. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 50 45 53 54 , ASCII: PEST
  • PHASES (Free Form Input File)PHASES is a package of computer programs designed to compute phase angles for diffraction data from macromolecular crystals. The programs are written in FORTRAN 77 with the exception of a single C interface subroutine (facilitating use of X-Window graphics in some programs) and are applicable to any space group without requiring changes by the user. The program package was written by W. Furey, VA Medical Center and University of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Crystallography. Documentation dates from 1997.Related links: PHASES Documentation
  • Propilkki (Game Data) by Procyon ProductsPropilkki is an ice fishing game. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 50 72 6F 20 50 69 6C 6B 6B 69 20 64 61 74 61 66 69 6C 65 20 76 , ASCII: Pro Pilkki datafile v
  • PSpice (Numerical Data File) by Cadence Design Systems, Inc.PSpice is a SPICE analog circuit and digital logic simulation software that runs on personal computers (thus the first letter P in its name). It was developed by MicroSim and used in electronic design automation. MicroSim was bought by OrCAD which was subsequently purchased by Cadence Design Systems. The name is an acronym for Personal Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. Today it has evolved into a analog mixed signal simulator.
  • RDXR020305.DAT is Morpheus AdwareNote: RDXR020305.DAT is Morpheus adware. Kill this and others with Ad-aware.Related links: Ad-aware
  • Runtime Software (Disk Image) by Runtime SoftwareRuntime Software's data recovery software will help you rescue your lost or inaccessible files from a data recovery disaster. This association is classified as Archive. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 1A 52 54 53 20 43 4F 4D 50 52 45 53 53 45 44 20 49 4D 41 47 45 20 56 31 2E 30 1A , ASCII: RTS COMPRESSED IMAGE V1.0
  • SeeYou (Waypoint) by NaviterSeeYou is a planning and analysis tool for glider pilots. It is designed for the desktop and notebook PCs.
  • Shareaza (Thumbnail) by Shareaza Development TeamShareaza is a peer-to-peer client for Windows that allows you to download any file-type found on several popular P2P networks. The original domain was and that still says that it's the "Official Home of Shareaza." FILExt can't be certain if it is or not but there is much Internet chatter about a Shareaza takeover. So the links here have changed to the Sourceforge project page. You decide. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 52 41 5A 41 54 44 42 31 , ASCII: RAZATDB1
  • SHARP MZ-series Emulator RAM-Disk File
  • SPOT GraphicRelated links: XnView
  • Terrasoft Dataset Definition File
  • TomTom (Traffic Data) by TomTom International BVTomTom is a portable GPS car navigation system. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 4E 41 56 54 52 41 46 46 49 43 , ASCII: NAVTRAFFIC
  • UFOCaptureV2 (Map) by SonotaCoUFOCaptureV2 provides Time shift motion capture; 3 dimensional triggering thresholds; Masking (Elimination of unwanted triggers); Automatic control of Detect Lev according to the back ground noise level; Automatic scheduling adjust to sunset and sunrise; Fixed star position detecting. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 55 46 4F 4F 72 62 69 74 , ASCII: UFOOrbit
  • Unfinished FastTrack DownloadUsed by FastTrack Clients, e.g. KaZaA, KaZaA Lite, Grokster.
  • VCD and/or SVCD FilePlay with Media Player.Related links: Help Site
  • Video CD MPEG or MPEG1 MovieMPEG stream in a RIFF container used in VideoCDs. This association is classified as Video. The Mime types used with this association are: video/dvd, video/mpeg, video/video cd. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 52 49 46 46 , ASCII: RIFFRelated links: Video Help Site
  • VMS Data File
  • Walkman (NW-S23 MP3 File Storage Container) by SonyThis file type is basically an obfuscated MP3 in a custom container. The files are created by the MP3FileManager application. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 57 4D 4D 50 , ASCII: WMMPRelated links: NW-S23 MP3 File Storage Container Format
  • Windows (Registry Hive) by Microsoft CorporationA Hive file is the Windows Registry's on-disk storage format. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 72 65 67 66 , ASCII: regf
  • Windows (9x Registry Hive) by Microsoft CorporationThis is the on-disk format for the Windows registry (hive). You should not attempt to edit this file directly while running Windows. Serious damage to your installation could be done. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 43 52 45 47 , ASCII: CREG
  • WordPerfect (Merge Data) by Corel CorporationRelated links: CKNOW Info Page
  • Z80 (Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Format)

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File Identifier - TrID
'Identifying characters' used on are
provided by Marco Pontello from his TrID database

To change file associations press Windows Key + X and then Apps and Features > Default apps > Choose default apps by file type. Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC.

Technical data

To view technical data on file-extension DAT click this link to expand/hide the additional area.

System Info for File Extension .DAT

The following listing is compiled from the database produced by the 'Associate This!' program, selected data from the main FILExt database and information FILExt collected directly from user systems.

ProgramID: AshampooMediaPlayer.MediaFile, FileType: Ashampoo Media Player+ media file, AppName: Ashampoo Media Player+

ProgramID: CompVideo, FileType: COMPVIDEO

ProgramID: data-file, AppName: Notepad
EXEFile: notepad.exe

ProgramID: dbfile, FileType: Data Base File

ProgramID: GraphicsConverterPro.dat, FileType: SPOT, AppName: GraphicsConverter-reg
EXEFile: GraphicsConverter.exe

ProgramID: MediaSource.datFile, AppName: Creative MediaSource Player
EXEFile: CTCMS.exe

ProgramID: NeroMediaPlayer.File, FileType: NeroMediaPlayer media files

ProgramID: NeroMIX.File, FileType: NeroMIX media files, AppName: NeroMIX

ProgramID: NeroShowTime.Files, FileType: Nero ShowTime Files, AppName: Nero ShowTime
EXEFile: ShowTime.exe

ProgramID: NVDVD.PlayFile, AppName: NvDvd
EXEFile: NvDvd.exe

ProgramID: RadLight Media DAT, AppName: RadLight

ProgramID: UltraEdit.dat, AppName: UltraEdit-32 Professional Text/Hex Editor

ProgramID: Winamp3.File, FileType: Winamp media file, AppName: Winamp3
EXEFile: winamp3.exe

ProgramID: ALLPlayerFile
EXEFile: D:\aaa\MarBit\ALLPlayer\ALLPlayer.exe %1

ProgramID: Blaze Media Pro
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Blaze Media Pro\BMP.exe %1

ProgramID: DAT_conch_file
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\MasterSoft\SuperDVD.exe %1

ProgramID: data-file
EXEFile: %SystemRoot%\notepad.exe %1

ProgramID: datfile
EXEFile: G:\C55\3rdParty\bin\cs.exe %1

ProgramID: DBISAMTable
EXEFile: C:\dbisam\addition\ver3\util\dbsys\dbsys.exe %1

ProgramID: DVD Architect 2.0
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Sony\DVD Architect 2.0\dvdarch20.exe %1

ProgramID: Ivi.MediaFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\InterVideo\WinDVD4\WinDVD.exe %1

ProgramID: NeroMIX.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Ahead\NeroMix\NeroMix.exe %1

ProgramID: NeroShowTime.Files
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Ahead\Nero ShowTime\ShowTime.exe %1

ProgramID: NeroShowTime.Files
EXEFile: E:\Nero\Nero ShowTime\ShowTime.exe %1

ProgramID: Probe.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ORCAD_~1\PSpice\pspice.exe /dde

ProgramID: Probe.Document
EXEFile: C:\OrCAD\ORCAD_~1.0_D\tools\pspice\pspice.exe /dde

ProgramID: Text.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\HTML Help Workshop\hhw.exe %1

ProgramID: txtfile
EXEFile: %SystemRoot%\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1

ProgramID: UltraEdit.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\UltraEdit\uedit32.exe %1

ProgramID: WPWin6.1File
EXEFile: c:\office\wpwin\WPWIN.EXE /ddeex

ProgramID: data-file
EXEFile: %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1

ProgramID: ZPDATFile
EXEFile: C:\Documents and Settings\Kimbali Bays\Desktop\XP CD Creator update\microsoft\zoomplayer403std\zplayer.exe %L

ProgramID: Ivi.MediaFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\InterVideo\DVD6\WinDVD.exe %1

ProgramID: MediaSource.datFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Creative\MediaSource\CTCMS.exe /PlayNow %1

ProgramID: GDiVXFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\GDivX Zenith Player\GDivX Player.exe %1

ProgramID: DATfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\DSPlayer\DSPlayer_v0.59.5_alpha.exe %1

ProgramID: cppfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe /dde

ProgramID: datfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe %1

ProgramID: IndexDatSpy.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\INDEXD~1\INDEXD~1.EXE /dde

ProgramID: ACEMegaCoDecSPack.MPEGVideoFileS
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ACE Mega CoDecS Pack\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe %1 /open

ProgramID: XnView.Image
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\XnView\xnview.exe %1

ProgramID: mplayer-win32
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\MPlayer\mplayer.exe -idx %1

ProgramID: DDTrainer.DatFile
EXEFile: C:\Diablo\ddtrainer\DDtrainer.exe %1

ProgramID: UltraEdit.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit-32\uedit32.exe %1

ProgramID: datfile
EXEFile: D:\yedekler\admin\media player c2kxp6482\mplayerc.exe %1

ProgramID: Winamp.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\Winamp.exe %1

ProgramID: adrenalin.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Digital Pulse Inc\adrenalin\play.exe /Open %1

ProgramID: File.CZip
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ZipGenius 6\zipgenius.exe -open %1

ProgramID: Ivi.MediaFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\InterVideo\XPack\WinDVD.exe %1

ProgramID: Probe.Document
EXEFile: C:\OrCAD\ORCAD_~1.5_D\tools\PSpice\pspice.exe /dde

ProgramID: Ivi.MediaFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\InterVideo\DVD7\WinDVD.exe %1

ProgramID: MediaSource.datFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Creative\MEDIAS~1\CTCMS.exe /PlayNow %1

ProgramID: NeroShowTime.Files.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Ahead\Nero ShowTime\ShowTime.exe

ProgramID: datfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\K-Lite Codec Pack\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: ACEMegaCoDecSPack.MPEGVideoFileS
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ACE Mega CoDecS Pack\BSPlayer\bsplayer.exe /open

ProgramID: ALLPlayerFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\MarBit\ALLPlayer\ALLPlayer.exe

ProgramID: GomPlayer.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\GRETECH\GomPlayer\GOM.exe /open

ProgramID: mplayerc.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\StormPlayer\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: Ivi.MediaFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\InterVideo\WinDVD\WinDVD.exe

ProgramID: DATfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Light Alloy\LA.exe

ProgramID: totalplayer.file
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Total Video Player\tvp.exe

ProgramID: DVDXPlayer.Video
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\DVD X Studios\DVD X Player 4.0 Professional\DVDXPlayer.exe

ProgramID: PFE32
EXEFile: notepad.exe

ProgramID: IsoBuster.dao
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Smart Projects\IsoBuster\IsoBuster.exe

ProgramID: PowerISO
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\PowerISO\PowerISO.exe

ProgramID: Probe.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ORCADL~1\PSpice\pspice.exe

ProgramID: Media_Source_U.datFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Creative\MediaSource5\CTCMSu.exe /PlayNow

ProgramID: EasyDVD
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Easy DVD Player\EasyDVD.EXE

ProgramID: totalplayer.file
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Total Video Converter\tvp.exe

ProgramID: datfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Mplayer\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: PDVDfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PowerDVD.exe

ProgramID: Analyst.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Analyst\bin\Analyst.exe

ProgramID: MPlayerFileVideo
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\MPlayer for Windows\MPUI.exe

ProgramID: mpegFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe /prefetch:9 /Open

ProgramID: ACEMegaCoDecSPack.MPEGVideoFileS
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ACE Mega CoDecS Pack\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: ALShow.DAT
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ESTsoft\ALShow\ALShow.exe

ProgramID: ALLPlayerFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ALLPlayer\ALLPlayer.exe

ProgramID: MPlayer
EXEFile: mplay32.exe /play /close

ProgramID: ZPDATFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\K-Lite Codec Pack\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: KMPlayer.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\The KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe

ProgramID: EMBIRD.File.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\EMBIRD32\EMBIRD.EXE

ProgramID: DaemonScriptFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\DaemonScript\DaemonScript.exe

EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PowerDVD.exe

ProgramID: DVDXPlayer.Video
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\DVD X Studios\DVD X Player 4.1 Standard\DVDXPlayer.exe

ProgramID: data-file
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: data-file
EXEFile: %SystemRoot%.0\notepad.exe

ProgramID: GomPlayer.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\_Media\Players\GomPlayer\GOM.exe /open

ProgramID: qvodplayer.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\QvodPlayer\QvodPlayer.exe -localfile

ProgramID: DigitalFotoMaker.5.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\MAGIX\FOTO_M~1\FOTOMA~1.EXE

ProgramID: dasfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\DAP\DAP.EXE DAS:%l

ProgramID: FantasyDVD Multimedia File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Combined Community Codec Pack\MPC\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: Winmail Opener file
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Winmail Opener\wmopener.exe

ProgramID: mplayerc.mpg
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Recode Media\X Codec Pack v2\Media Player Classic\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: mplayerc.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Ringz Studio\Storm Codec\mplayerc.exe

ProgramID: AgPerfMonCap
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\AgPerfMon\AgPerfViewer.EXE

ProgramID: MPlayerFileVideo
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\MPlayer\mplayer\smplayer_portable.exe

ProgramID: UltraEdit.dat
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\Uedit32.exe

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