FILExt is pleased to have been chosen for PC Magazine's 100 Top Undiscovered Web Sites list in February 2002.
  • Thank you so much for providing a site where people like myself can actually begin to figure out what in the world is going on with our computers!!!!
  • Your site was most helpful. Thanks very much.
  • So glad this site exists!! You don't know how much...I have on my computer that my son downloads and leaves. Game code sites with weird extensions... I am a computer dummy but I am elated that you are here to help me figure out all the mystery files on my computer so they can be deleted!!
  • This site is EXCELLENT. The file extension dictionary has taked me out of water too many times that I have lost the count. Thank YOU!
  • Thank you! We had mailhost problems and I really wished I had not wasted so much time at other sites!
  • Just wanted to give you a big ol thanks! Your info on restoring file types/associations saved my sanity! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
FILExt is pleased to have been chosen for a Seven Wonders award 4 Nov 2003.
Weekly Link Award
FILExt is pleased to have been selected as the Linksgiving.com "Weekly Link Award" winner for the week November 7-13, 2004.
"What's this file do? ... The answer is to query one of the several sites that keep track of file extensions...and my favorite [is] FILExt." Larry Seltzer, PC Magazine Blogs, 24 Sept 2007

Many public thanks to the people who have contributed information to this site. You make it the resource that it is! Particular thanks to S.R. in the UK and V.Y. in Perth, Australia for their extensive submissions and research. Special thanks to Anthony R. Nemmer for the use of his extensive MIME type collection (that is being slowly added to the database).

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