Help Me With an Unknown Extension

FILExt is sorry, but the extension you wanted information about is not in the database. There are several things you can do to research the extension further. These are summarized here and expanded on the FILExt FAQ: How to Research a File Type..

1) Use the context of the file...

Where a file is located, how it was obtained, and the file's date and time can all be used as clues to the nature of the file. Consider these tips...

  • Where and how did you get the file?
  • Where exactly is the file stored on your system?
  • What were you doing when...?

2) Search further on the Web...

If you are looking for some information today there is a very high probability that someone else has also been looking for that same information before you. Often you can find residuals of those searches on the Internet or direct answers to your questions. You do this by using search engines like Google.

3) Examine the file with an editor...

Basically, you would be looking into a file to attempt to find some data in the file that gives a hint as to the proper association for the file. Lacking that, it might be possible to use the data found in the file to determine what sort of file it is and deduce the program association or, at a minimum, perhaps extract what's important to you in its raw form in order to use within some other program.

4) Use TrID

TrID is a program that reads a file and compares its structure with a number of known structures. If a match is found you are presented with the alternatives. TrID is free and comes as a program you can load on your system or in an on-line version where you upload the file to their server for analysis there. [Note: With permission, FILExt uses the TrID data in its listings so TrID is best used to either narrow down your choices if a FILExt search results in multiple possibilities or if the file has no file extension (or might have the wrong one).


5) Post In The Forum

FILExt maintains a forum for the purpose of asking questions. You can read past responses to questions there and, if you don't find an answer, you can register (you must register before you can post messages) and post a new question.

6) Try Other Extension Collections...

There are a large number of file extension collections on the Web. If the extension is not in the FILExt collection then it just might be in one of those.

When you find the answer...

...please don't forget to come back to FILExt if you find out more information about this file (particularly the program, the function of the extension, and the Web address for the program site). Others may be interested in that file type and you can help by submitting the information for inclusion into the database.

Again, an expanded version of the above is here.


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