File Extension PCS

.PCS File

File extension: PCS
File type: PICT File Animation

Notes about the PCS file extension:

Incorrect file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your PC system. As such it is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other unfavourable system settings to identify slowdown issues.

The PCS file type is primarily associated with 'Apple Macintosh' by Apple Inc..

Detailed information for file extension PCS:

Primary association: Apple Macintosh
Company: Apple Inc.

Other applications associated with file type PCS:

  • KDevelop (Persistent Code Store) by KDevelop Team, KDevelop is a free software integrated development environment for the KDE desktop environment for Unix-like computer operating systems. , , KDevelop does not include a compiler; instead, it uses an external compiler such as gcc to produce executable code.
    , , The KDevelop-Project was founded in 1998 to build up an easy to use IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for KDE. Since then, the KDevelop IDE is publicly available under the GPL and supports many programming languages. , , Most project dependent configuration is kept in the <project-name>.kdevelop and <project-name>.kdevses files. KDevelop project configuration files rather than in separate files as the other, more global, configuration settings. In short, those files are meant for:
    • <project-name>.kdevelop — global project configuration information.
    • <project-name>.kdevses — configuration information needed to restore the specific behaviours of the running session.
    , Both are XML-coded files. They can be viewed and (cautiously) altered using any text editor. , , There is a third project dependent configuration file, the <project-name>.kdevelop.pcs Persistent Code Store. This is a binary coded file holding an internal parser cache for the most part in order to speed up the loading sequence of the project. Additionally, this Persistent Code Store keeps information use by the Code Completion facility of KDevelop. , This association is classified as XML. The Mime types used with this association are: text/xml. Related links: Wikipedia KDevelop Page
  • Painter4 PICT File
  • Pfaff Home Embroidery Format by PfaffThis file contains stitches and is used by Pfaff embroidery machines. Catalog using Designer's Gallery Studio. Edit/convert using Embird Plus. This format is supported by Buzz Tools Plus and BuzzXplore. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 32 03 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80 00 00 00 FF 00 00 80 80 00 00 FF FF 00 80 00 80 00 FF 00 FF 00 80 00 00 00 FF 00 00 00 00 80 00 00 00 FF , ASCII: 2............................................. Related links: Designer's Gallery Studio, Pfaff Creative VIP Software, Embird Plus, Buzz Tools Plus, StitchBuddy for Mac OS
  • PICS Animation
  • PowerPoint (ClipArt Gallery Picture Storage) by Microsoft Corporation
  • Ultra Zip Password Cracker (UZPC)
  • Yamaha (Piano Combo Style) by Yamaha Corporation of AmericaThis file type is used by the Tyros2 and other high-end Yamaha keyboards. This association is classified as Audio. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 4D 54 68 64 , ASCII: MThd
File Identifier - TrID
'Identifying characters' used on are
provided by Marco Pontello from his TrID database

Important: Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended that you scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

Technical data

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System Info for File Extension .PCS

The following listing is compiled from the database produced by the 'Associate This!' program, selected data from the main FILExt database and information FILExt collected directly from user systems.

ProgramID: MoveMe.Snapshot, FileType: Move Me Snapshot, AppName: Move Me
EXEFile: MoveMe.exe

ProgramID: PCUpgrade.Snapshot, FileType: PCUpgrade Snapshot, AppName: PC Upgrade Commander

ProgramID: MoveMe.Snapshot
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Spearit\Move Me\MoveMe.exe /dde

ProgramID: 3DEmbroidery.Document.4
EXEFile: C:\3DEmbroidery\3DEmbroidery.exe %1

ProgramID: PCmover.Snapshot
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Laplink\PCmover\PCmover.exe

ProgramID: EMBIRD.File.pcs
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\EMBIRD32\EMBIRD.EXE

ProgramID: boardmkr.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\boardmkr\boardmkr.exe

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