File Extension MDF

.MDF File

File extension: MDF
File type: CD Image File

Notes about the MDF file extension:

Incorrect file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your PC system. As such it is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other unfavourable system settings to identify slowdown issues.

The MDF file type is primarily associated with 'Alcohol 120%' by Alcohol Software. One of several CD image formats that Alcohol 120% can mount. Alcohol 120% is used for media backup. IsoBuster can interpret these files directly.

Detailed information for file extension MDF:

Primary association: Alcohol 120%
Company: Alcohol Software
Related links: IsoBuster Data Recovery Tool

Other applications associated with file type MDF:

  • SQL Server (Master Database File) by Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft SQL Server is a comprehensive, integrated data management and analysis software that enables organizations to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business applications. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 01 0F 00 00 , ASCII:
  • Capture Classic (Filler) by AccelioJetForm Corp became Accelio 12 Sep 2001.
  • Fldigi (Macro) by Dave Freese, W1HKJFldigi = Fast Light Digital Modem Application. This is a digital modem program for Linux. Macros are short text statements that contain embedded references to text data used by the program fldigi. Macro definition files(s) are located in the $HOME/.fldigi directory and all have the extention .MDF. This association is classified as Source Code.
  • I-deas Master Drafting Machine Data File
  • Insight II (Molecular Data File) by Accelrys Software Inc.Insight II is a molecular modeling environment that provides a graphical interface to algorithms for molecular dynamics, homology modeling, de novo design, and electrostatics.
  • Menu Definition File
  • ProWORX Nxt (Memory Data) by Schneider ElectricFound in the NxT directory.
  • Star Trek Armada Map File Title & Image Information(links .BZN File to Title and to custom .BMP)
  • Vector CANape / CANgraph / CANdito (Measurement Data) by Vector Informatik GmbHMDF = Measurement Data Format. This is a binary file format for saving measurement data. It was originally defined in 1991 by Vector Informatik GmbH and Robert Bosch GmbH. The MDF format has become a de-facto standard in the automotive industry. The format is used by many tools, e.g. Vector CANape / CANgraph / CANdito, but also by tools from other vendors. A specification of the format is supposed to be available from the Vector home page in Feb. 2007.

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File Identifier - TrID
'Identifying characters' used on are
provided by Marco Pontello from his TrID database

Important: Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended that you scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

Technical data

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System Info for File Extension .MDF

The following listing is compiled from the database produced by the 'Associate This!' program, selected data from the main FILExt database and information FILExt collected directly from user systems.

ProgramID: AlcoholImageFile

ProgramID: FantomCDFile.MDF

ProgramID: MDFFileImage
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Smart Projects\IsoBuster\IsoBuster.exe %1

ProgramID: MDFFileImage
EXEFile: E:\Isobuster\IsoBuster.exe %1

ProgramID: mdfFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\SanyoUtlV110\Meditor\Meditor.exe %1

ProgramID: IZArc
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\IZARC\IZARC.EXE %1

ProgramID: UltraISO
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\UltraISO\UltraISO.exe %1

ProgramID: IsoBuster.mdf
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Smart Projects\IsoBuster\IsoBuster.exe %1

ProgramID: PowerISO
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\PowerISO\PowerISO.exe

ProgramID: IZArcMDF
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\IZArc\IZArc.exe

ProgramID: IsoBuster.mdf
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\IsoBuster\IsoBuster.exe

ProgramID: CSProMapView.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\CSPro 3.1\MAPVIEW.EXE

ProgramID: PowerISO
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\_CDvD\PowerISO\PowerISO.exe

ProgramID: IZArcMDF
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\IZArc\IZArc.exe

ProgramID: DAEMON.Tools.Lite
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\DAEMON Tools Lite\daemon.exe -shellmount

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