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File extension: STX

Notes about the STX file extension:

To open this file type, a required software must be installed. Without it you only see a Windows message "The following file cannot be opened" (Windows 7) or "How do you want to open this file?" (Windows 10) if you double-click the file. There click on "More apps" and choose a suitable software to view such files on your PC or from email attachments.

The STX file type is primarily associated with 'Datastitch Embroidery Design/Editing/Lettering/Stitch Transfer' by Data - Stitch, Inc.. Data Stitch software is created for commercial embroidery enterprises and is supplied in many levels: Stitch Transfere, allows embroidery designs to be saved to disk or tranfered to embroidery machines. It also enables conversion of various proprietory embroidery formats. The software will format special embroidery disks for Melco, ZSK and Barudan formats. Edits all machine functions. Top level software is a full vector based digitizing system comprising all features of lower levels to create, edit, save, transfer files, convert compatible formats and create embroidery lettering styles.

Detailed information for file extension STX:

Primary association: Datastitch Embroidery Design/Editing/Lettering/Stitch Transfer
Company: Data - Stitch, Inc.

Other applications associated with file type STX:

  • EditPlus (Syntax File) by ES-ComputingEditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor and programmers editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers features for Web page authors and programmers. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 23 54 49 54 4C 45 3D , ASCII: #TITLE= Related links: Wikipedia EdiPlus Page, EditPlus Wiki
  • Eschalon Setup (Install Script) by Eschelon Development (24-2979 Panorama Dr., Coquitlam BC V3E 2W8, Canada)The script instructs Eschalon Setup how to compile the installation files.
  • Pinnacle Studio (Project File) by Pinnacle Systems, Inc.The Pinnacle Studio family is consumer video editing software. Studio uses two items to keep track of projects, (1) the project file (.STX extension) and (2) a project folder. The project file is a zero byte file that is used as a placeholder for the project. The project folder contains a set of files which define the structure of the project.
  • SBIG CCD Camera ST-XSanta Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image : Bitmap graphics? Related links: XnView
  • Schneider Automation S.A. PL7 (Program File for Modicon PLC's) by Telemecanique, a brand of Schneider Electric Industries SASThe PL7 software range has been designed to develop Premium and Micro control system applications. This association is classified as Source Code.
  • Scream Tracker (Music Interface Kit Song/Module) This association is classified as Audio. The Mime types used with this association are: audio/x-stx. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 21 53 63 72 65 61 6D 21 , ASCII: !Scream! Related links: Format
  • Simply Tax Form

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File Identifier - TrID
'Identifying characters' used on are
provided by Marco Pontello from his TrID database

To change file associations press Windows Key + X and then Apps and Features > Default apps > Choose default apps by file type. Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC.

Technical data

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System Info for File Extension .STX

The following listing is compiled from the database produced by the 'Associate This!' program, selected data from the main FILExt database and information FILExt collected directly from user systems.

ProgramID: GraphicsConverterPro.stx, FileType: SBIG CCD camera ST-X, AppName: GraphicsConverter-reg
EXEFile: GraphicsConverter.exe

ProgramID: ACD Showtime! for PENTAX.stx
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\ACD Systems\Showtime! for PENTAX\1.0\Showtime.exe %1

ProgramID: XnView.Image
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\XnView\xnview.exe %1

ProgramID: CCDSoft_File

ProgramID: Studio10.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Pinnacle\STUDIO~1\programs\Studio.exe

ProgramID: SealedMedia.txt
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

ProgramID: Studio10.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Pinnacle\Studio 10\programs\studio.exe /P

ProgramID: SAS.XportTransportFile.701
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\SAS\SAS9~1.1\CORE\SASEXE\SASOACT.EXE action

ProgramID: Studio10.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\programs\Studio.exe

ProgramID: EMBIRD.File.stx
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\EMBIRD32\EMBIRD.EXE

ProgramID: StarTeam.ClientShortcut
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Starbase\STARTE~1.4\StarTeam.exe

ProgramID: Studio10.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Pinnacle\STUDIO~2\programs\Studio.exe

ProgramID: Studio10.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Pinnacle\Studio 10\programs\studio.exe

ProgramID: ExpressLabeler.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Roxio\Express Labeler 3\stax.exe

ProgramID: ExpressLabeler.File
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Roxio\stax.exe

ProgramID: SAS.XportTransportFile.612
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\SAS612\CORE\SASEXE\SASOACT.EXE action

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