File Extension STP

.STP File

File extension: STP
File type: 3D Graphic

Notes about the STP file extension:

Incorrect file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your PC system. As such it is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other unfavourable system settings to identify slowdown issues.

The STP file type is primarily associated with '3D Graphic'.

Detailed information for file extension STP:

Primary association: 3D Graphic

Other applications associated with file type STP:

  • CATIA (ISO-10303 STEP Product Data) by Dassault SystèmesCATIA is an integrated suite of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) applications for digital product definition and simulation. CATIA is the product design solution in the PLM offering. It allows manufacturers to simulate all the industrial design processes, from the pre-project phase, through detailed design, analysis, simulation, assembly and maintenance. This software, made by Dassault Systèmes, is distributed by IBM as part of their Product Lifecycle Management system. The Mime types used with this association are: application/step, application/x-step. The identifying characters used for this association are - Hex: 49 53 4F 2D 31 30 33 30 33 2D 32 31 3B , ASCII: ISO-10303-21; Related links: IBM Product Lifecycle Management
  • DART Pro 98 System Settings
  • EC997 Dyno Test (Step Test) by Factory Pro Tuning
  • FScruiser (Setup File) by USDA Forest ServiceFScruiser is the Windows/Windows CE successor to NatCDE, the MS-DOS based cruising data entry system. FScruiser is timber cruising software.
  • NASCAR Racing 2002 (Track Picture) by Sierra
  • PageKeeper Packed Storage File
  • Photoshop (Plug-in) by Adobe Systems IncorporatedOne example would be the Sonic Style Creator Plug-in for Photoshop which exports an .STP file that Sonic's MyDVD will recognize. DSS 1.0 DVD Style Sheets specification defines a standard for passing style sheet information between applications, allowing anyone familiar with Photoshop to create styles -- menus, backgrounds, and buttons, and layouts -- that can be used to design custom DVD titles. This association is classified as Graphic. Related links: Sonic MyDVD Studio Deluxe
  • SharePoint (Services Template) by Microsoft CorporationOffice SharePoint Designer provides tools to automate business processes, build efficient applications on top of the Microsoft SharePoint platform, and tailor SharePoint sites. The STP file is a binary CAB file containing a MANIFEST.XML file.
  • SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager (Project File) by SYSTRANSYSTRAN is popular translation software used today and is capable of providing high-quality drafts in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

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File Identifier - TrID
'Identifying characters' used on are
provided by Marco Pontello from his TrID database

Important: Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended that you scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.

Technical data

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System Info for File Extension .STP

The following listing is compiled from the database produced by the 'Associate This!' program, selected data from the main FILExt database and information FILExt collected directly from user systems.

ProgramID: CDLS.Document, FileType: CDLS Document, AppName: CDLS
EXEFile: CDLS.exe

ProgramID: stpFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Systran\4_0\Standard\SystranTP.exe %1

ProgramID: stpFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Systran\4_0\Premium\SystranTP.exe %1

ProgramID: Microsoft.StreetsAndTrips.Pushpin.2000
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Expedia Streets & Trips\Streets & Trips 2000.exe /f%1

ProgramID: SysTuner.Plugin
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\SysTuner\SysTuner.exe -addplugin %1

ProgramID: Quartus.SignalTap
EXEFile: C:/quartus/bin/quartus.exe %1

ProgramID: SBContainer.ProjectFile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Accelrys\MSMODE~1.2\Studio\MATSTU~1.EXE %1

ProgramID: CDLS.Document
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\CLICK'~1\CDLS.exe %1

ProgramID: igpackedfile
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\Caere\PageKeeper30\SYSTEM\PKVIEW.EXE %1

ProgramID: Quartus.SignalTap
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%/Altera/quartus/bin/quartus.exe

ProgramID: Radan.Setup
EXEFile: %SystemRoot%\Notepad.exe

ProgramID: Systran6.TranslationProject
EXEFile: %ProgramFiles%\systran\6\systrantranslationprojectmanager.exe

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