Alphabetic File Extension List

The file extension list you requested is shown on this page. It loads as a table so please give it a moment as some of the lists are quite long. These lists contain basic information: the extension, the name of the program it works with, the specific function of the file, and the company that makes the program. Not all extensions have all of the data. Click on the extension of interest to see the detail page for that extension. Total extensions in this particular list: 691.

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Extension Information
V ReaGeniX Code Generator Consistency Check Support File
V Subsampled Raw YUV Bitmap
V Verilog File
V Vivid Main Input File
V Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
V Coq Proof File (TypiCal Project)
V Utawarerumono Video File
V V++ VPascal Source Code (Digital Optics Ltd)
V$$ Cheyenne/Inoculan AntiVirus Temporary File
V00 Kretz 3D Ultrasound Image (GE Medical Systems)
V01 Genesis 2000 (Genesis 2000, Inc.)
V06 Xwave File
V1 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
V103 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
V18 SYNETSIM Source Code
V2 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
V2A TI Voyage 200 Figure (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2B TI Voyage 200 Backup (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2C TI Voyage 200 Data (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2D TI Voyage 200 GDB (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2D VersaCAD File
V2E TI Voyage 200 Expression (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2F TI Voyage 200 Function (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2G TI Voyage 200 Group (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2I TI Voyage 200 Bitmap (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2I Ghost Disk Drive Image (Symantec Corporation)
V2K TI Voyage 200 Application (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2L TI Voyage 200 List (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2M TI Voyage 200 Matrix (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2N TI Voyage 200 Application (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2P Voyage 200 PLT Program (Texas Instruments Inc.)
V2P TI Voyage 200 Calculator Program (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2Q TI Voyage 200 Certificate (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2R TI Voyage 200 Application (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2S TI Voyage 200 String (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2T TI Voyage 200 Text (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2U TI Voyage 200 OS Upgrade (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2X TI Voyage 200 Macro (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2Y TI Voyage 200 Program/Graphic (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V2Z TI Voyage 200 Program/Graphic (Texas Instruments, Inc.)
V3D Stratum Samples Models Balls3D 2 File
V3D Vecta3D Model File
V3O Emergency 3D Model File (Promotion Software GmbH)
V48 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
V5 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
V5D Vis5d Dataset Object
V6 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
V64 Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
V8 Bert's Dinosaurs File
V8 Covox 8-bit Audio
V8 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VA Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VA V IDE Automatically Generated MakeFile (Object Central)
VAB Playstation Wave Bank Format (Sony Corporation of America)
VAC IMail Server Vacation Message (Ipswitch, Inc.)
VAC Oc2.316s Cakit File
VAD Mapper Variant File
VAD Vadera Enterprises PHP File (Vadera Enterprises Group)
VAF DVD2SVCD Temporary File
VAF Visual Studio Common Tools Vanalyzer Project Item (Microsoft Corporation)
VAG PlayStation ADPCM Sound File (Sony Corporation of America)
VAL dBASE Values
VAL Paradox Validity Checks
VAL VALU Macintosh Spreadsheet
VAL valodas Dictionary (valodas)
VAL Chemical ASN Interchange File (New Format)
VALU VALU Macintosh Spreadsheet
VALUE Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VAM Velazquez Application Map
VAM Visual Studio Common Tools Vanalyzer Project Item (Microsoft Corporation)
VAN VistaPro Animation
VAP Annotated Speech Audio
VAP NetWare 2.xx Value Added Process
VAR Icon Author Variable
VAR Infinity Game Engine Game Start Variable Data (BioWare Corp.)
VAR Sterling Software Data Dictionary File
VAR My Personal Programmer Variables (M:Pact Technologies)
VAR Cokriging Software VARIO Output File
VAR WebHub Web Session Data (HREF Tools Corp.)
VAR Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VARS Template File
VARSITY Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VAS VirtualAssessor Diagnostic Scenario Database (ExiNet (Pty) Ltd.)
VAT Vala Content Management Server File (Vala-bleu Ltd.)
VAX Pbm Plus File
VB VBScript File or Any VisualBasic Source
VB Playstation Wave Bank Body Format (Sony Corporation of America)
VB Virtual Boy Image File
VBA VBase File
VBB VirtualBoss Backup File (VirtualBoss Development Co.)
VBC Visual Business Cards
VBC4 Visual Business Cards Business Card File (RKS Software)
VBD ActiveX (Microsoft Corporation)
VBD Visual Basic 5 Active Document
VBDOC VBdocman Configuration File
VBDT VBdocman Documentation Template
VBE VBScript Encoded Script File
VBF Versa Check Backup (G7 Productivity Systems, Inc.)
VBG Visual Basic Group Project
VBK VisualCADD Backup File (IMSI/Design LLC)
VBK CallPilot Audio File (Nortel Networks)
VBK VitalSource Bookshelf VitalBook Format eBook (VitalSource Technologies, Inc.)
VBK Veeam Backup Virtual Machine Backup File (Veeam)
VBL User Control Licensing File
VBL 3DMove 3D Geological Model (Midland Valley Exploration)
VBL Virtual CD Ver. 4 Log File (H+H Software GmbH)
VBM V IDE Bitmap (Object Central)
VBM VisualBoyAdvance Movie Capture Format (Forgotten)
VBM NetFront Browser Bookmark File (ACCESS CO., LTD.)
VBN Norton Corporate Anti-Virus Quarantined File
VBO Access Package Deployment References (Microsoft Corporation)
VBOR V IDE Automatically Generated MakeFile (Object Central)
VBOXLM Vbox (Aladdin Knowledge Systems)
VBP Visual Basic Ver. 4.0-6.0 Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VBPROJ Visual Studio .NET Visual Basic Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VBPROJ.USER Visual Studio .NET File (Microsoft Corporation)
VBR Remote Automation Registration Files
VBS MPEG Movie Clip
VBS VBScript Script File
VBS Visual Basic for Applications Script (Microsoft Corporation)
VBW Visual Basic Project Workplace
VBX Visual Basic Extension (Microsoft Corporation)
VBZ Wizard Launch File (Microsoft Corporation)
VC VisiCalc Spreadsheet File
VC Vivid 2.0 Include File with Color Definitions
VC Sonarc Compressed VOC Audio
VC Verge Code File (VERGE Co Ltd)
VC2 Virtual Coin Cabinet II Data Storage File (Data ex Machina)
VC2 The Master Genealogist Genealogy Chart (Wholly Genes, Inc.)
VC4 Virtual CD Disc Image File (Ver. 4 and Older) (H+H Software GmbH)
VC4 Visual C ver 4 File (Microsoft Corporation)
VC6 Ashlar-Vellum Part (Ashlar Incorporated)
VC7 DaVis Graphic (LaVision GmbH)
VCA Visual Clip Art
VCC VersaCheck Style
VCD Virtual CD-ROM CD Image File (H+H Zentrum fuer Rechnerkommunikation GmbH)
VCD VisualCADD Drawing File (IMSI/Design LLC)
VCD VirtualDrive CD Image File (FarStone Technology, Inc.)
VCE Casting Electronic Enterprise Video Archive for CV (Casting Electronic)
VCE Visual CertExam Suite Exam File (Visual CertExam Software)
VCE Natural MicroSystems Voice File
VCE Yamaha Normal Voice File (Yamaha Corporation of America)
VCE Visual CE Class Type File (SYWARE, Inc.)
VCE Trimble Business Center GPS Survey Data Processing (Trimble Navigation LTD.)
VCEL Vertex Color And Edge List File
VCF vCard File
VCF Vevi Configuration File
VCF VP HybridCAD Native Format
VCF WorldToolKit Objects
VCF VirtualDub Processing Settings (Avery Lee)
VCG Visualization of Compiler Graphs (VCG) Graphic Specification
VCH Interlock Public Computer Utility
VCH The Master Genealogist Genealogy Chart (Older Version) (Wholly Genes, Inc.)
VCI Visicontrol Compressed Image File
VCI VP HybridCAD Native Format
VCL Borland Visual Component Library (Borland Software Corporation)
VCL Jill Game File
VCL Roxio Video CD Layout (Sonic Solutions)
VCM Visual Component File
VCM Interwise Participant Recorded WebCast File (Interwise, Inc.)
VCN NCDrive Vacon NX System Software (Vacon Plc, a member of Vacon Group)
VCP Visual C++ Wordspace Information
VCPREF Live Advisor Preferences (Symantec Corporation)
VCPROJ Visual Studio .NET Visual C Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VCR Motocross Madness 2 User Recorded Video (Microsoft Corporation)
VCR Arvid VCR Driver
VCR ATI Video Recorder
VCS vCalendar File
VCS Video Clipstream Video File (Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.)
VCS Valve Game Shader File (Valve Corporation)
VCT FoxPro Class Library (Microsoft Corporation)
VCT MindVision Installer Vise
VCT Visual Foxpro98 Solution File
VCW Visual C++ Workbench Information File (Microsoft Corporation)
VCWIN32 Visual C Make File (Microsoft Corporation)
VCX FoxPro Class Library (Microsoft Corporation)
VCX MS Class Browser Class Library
VCX Spreadsheet File
VCZ Pictures by PC Compressed Drawing File (Schott Systeme GmbH)
VC_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
VD PwrDev Visual Designer Project (PBSoft)
VD2 Vedit File
VD5 Visual DataFlex Compiled Application (Data Access Corporation)
VDA Targa Bitmap
VDA VDA-FS Surface Data Graphic
VDA Video Display Adapter
VDB Norton AntiVirus Update File (Symantec Corporation)
VDB PC-cillin Quarantined File
VDB Dr. Web Anti-Virus Database (DialogueScience, Inc.)
VDB VistaDB Database (Vista Software)
VDC DVDFab DVDFab (Fengtao Software Inc.)
VDD Watson Wyatt Global IV Pro
VDF AntiVir Virus Definition (Avira GmbH)
VDF Vexira Anti-virus Virus Definition File
VDF Webcd Virtual Driver Plug-ins File
VDF VirtualDub Filter Plug-in (Avery Lee)
VDF Visionary Deposition Viewer Database (Visionary Legal Technologies)
VDF Versa Check Database (G7 Productivity Systems, Inc.)
VDF VAPOR VAPOR (the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Scientific Computing Division in collaboration with U.C. Davis and Ohio State University)
VDG ViPNet [DISCguise] Compressed File (Infotecs GmbH)
VDI GEM VDI Bitmap (Digital Research)
VDI VirtualBox Hard-Drive Interface File (innotek GmbH)
VDI VirtualDub VirtualDub Debug Info
VDIC Password Recovery Dictionary File (LastBit Corp.)
VDJ VirtualDJ Audio Sample File (Atomix Productions)
VDK Steuer99 File
VDL Possible Virus File
VDM SolidCut CAD/CAM Graphics and Machining File (Camtek Ltd.)
VDM VEDIT Macro File (Greenview Data, Inc.)
VDMK VMware Virtual Disk File (VMware, Inc.)
VDO Possible Virus File
VDO Sound in Conjunction with AVI Files
VDO VDOScript File
VDP Visual Studio .NET Setup and Deployment Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VDPROJ Visual Studio .NET Setup and Deployment Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VDR VirtualDub Frame-Server (phaeron)
VDR ComputerEasy Draw File
VDT VersaPro Variable Declaration Table
VDU Detailer 3D File
VDX Vector Graphic File
VDX Virtual Device Driver
VDX VMM32.VDX is System Driver
VDX XML for Visio Drawing File (Microsoft Corporation)
VDX Veedid Desktop To-Do List XML Database File (Veedid Software)
VE Sign Studio Vector Graphic (CADLink Technology)
VEC Daylon Vectre Vector Graphic (Daylon Graphics Ltd.)
VEC DaVis Graphic (LaVision GmbH)
VEC Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VEC Pictures by PC Drawing File (Schott Systeme GmbH)
VEE HP VEE Project File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
VEF Infinity Game Engine Visual Effects (BioWare Corp.)
VEF EngraveLab (CADlink)
VEG Vue Plant File (e-on software, inc.)
VEG Sonic Foundry Vegas Video Project (Sony Corporation of America)
VEH SPANS VEH/VEC Format Vector Data
VEL NEPLAN Network Differences File (BCP Busarello + Cott + Partner Inc.)
VEM Micro Vault Compressed File (Sony Corporation)
VEM MM Video E-Mail (Meta Media, Inc.)
VEM VeePro Embroidery Software Format
VEM Vemail Voice E-mail File (NCH Swift Sound)
VENUE VenueBench Data File
VEO Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) (Public Record Office Victoria)
VER Version Description
VER Garmin FTL Image Version (Garmin Ltd.)
VER TurboTax Installed Version Record (Intuit)
VER SeeYou Airspace (Naviter)
VERIFY Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VERSION Version Distribution File
VERSION Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VES Curvaceous Visual Explorer Saved State (Curvaceous Software Limited)
VET Ventrilo Event Text File (Flagship Industries, Inc.)
VET Ribbons Surface
VEW Clipper Viewfile
VEW Approach View File (IBM)
VEW Novel Groupwise E-mail View File
VEX Possible Virus File
VF Video Factory File
VF Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VF TeX Virtual Font File
VF3 Vaultlet Suite Encrypted File (VaultletSoft, Inc.)
VFA FontLab Database File
VFB Outlook Free/Busy File (Microsoft Corporation)
VFB Font Description File
VFB VForm Builder
VFD Drive Image5 VFD File
VFD Virtual PC Virtual Floppy Disk Image (Microsoft Corporation)
VFF DESR VFF Greyscale Bitmap Image
VFF Vextus Factor Compiled Storage File (Team PhyzNet)
VFM Ventura Publisher Font Metrics File (Corel Corporation)
VFM Voter Voting Form
VFN Voter Customer Voting Form
VFP Qtreader File
VFS GnomeVFS Virtual File System
VFT VisiForm Form (Primary Software, Inc.)
VFW Video for Windows
VFZ Creative Webcam Video Effects Pack (Creative Technology Ltd.)
VG VGuard Proprietry H.264 CODEC Video File (Chateau Technical Corp.)
VGA OS/2 Bitmap Image
VGA Targa Bitmap
VGA VGA Screen Driver
VGB VoloGest Management Database (Volotek S.A.)
VGC ViziGen Generator Configuration File (ViziGen Ltd)
VGD Generic CADD VGA Driver
VGDB V IDE Automatically Generated MakeFile (Object Central)
VGENDLL V IDE Automatically Generated MakeFile (Object Central)
VGL Config 911s File
VGM Video Game Music File
VGR Ventura Graphic
VGS Virtual Game Station Memory Card Save
VGUI V IDE Automatically Generated MakeFile (Object Central)
VGUIDB V IDE Automatically Generated MakeFile (Object Central)
VGX VGuard Proprietry H.264 CODEC Video File (Chateau Technical Corp.)
VGZ VGuard Proprietry H.264 CODEC Video File (Chateau Technical Corp.)
VH Playstation Wave Bank Header Format (Sony Corporation of America)
VH Winhelp VH File
VHA Macromedia Sitespring File
VHC Big Red Racing Vehicle File (Big Red Software)
VHD Quartus II VHDL Design File (Altera Corporation)
VHD Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk (Microsoft Corporation)
VHD Vista Complete PC Backup File (Microsoft Corporation)
VHDL Quartus II VHDL Design File (Altera Corporation)
VHM HotMux Thermocouple Data Log File (DCC Corporation)
VHTML VITRAGE Apache Module Source File (Siberian Web)
VH~ V-help file
VI Jovian Logic VI Graphics
VI LabVIEW Virtual Instrument File (National Instruments Corporation)
VI Watcom VI Editor Script
VI FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Project File (Xerox Corporation)
VIAD Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VIB Chemsoft Export/Import MSDS Data
VIBES Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VIC ViziGen Import Configuration file (ViziGen Ltd)
VIC Yamaha PSR-9000 Custom Voice (v1.0) (Yamaha Corporation)
VIC Vicar Picture File
VICAR Vicar Picture File
VID Media Player Video
VID Monitor Control File
VID MS-DOS 5 Shell Monitor File
VID QuickTime Video (Apple Inc.)
VID Screen Driver
VID Vidcom 64
VID Visual Image Directory
VID YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer
VID SymbOS VID Video
VID TrialDirector VideoNote File (inData Corporation)
VIDEO Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VIDEOX Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VIEW Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VIEW GOM Atos Scanner File
VIEWER Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VIF Khoros Visualization Image File
VIF Verity
VIFF VisiQuest Khoros 1.0 Image File (AccuSoft)
VIK Viking Picture File
VIM VIM (Vi IMproved) Editor File
VIN Dynaload Client & Dynaload Management Console (VAI)
VIP Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff Home Embroidery Format (Husqvarna Viking)
VIP Mumath 30 VIP File
VIP Samplitude Project (MAGIX)
VIR Virus Infected File
VIRUS Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VIRUS F-Secure Renamed File Thought to be Infected (F-Secure)
VIS Vision Executive Report (Lasata Software)
VIS VISkompakt Objects Description File (PDV-Systeme GmbH)
VIS APT Assistant
VIS Picture File
VIS StudioPro 3D File
VIS Vista Graphics
VIT VITec Bitmap
VIV Game Info File
VIV VivoActive Player Streaming Video File (RealNetworks, Inc.)
VIV Vividas Video (Vividas Group plc)
VIV Vivaldi Studio Score File (goVivaldi Inc.)
VIVO VivoActive Movies and Audio
VIW SQL View Script File (Microsoft Corporation)
VIX ACUCOBOL-GT Index File (Acucorp, Inc.)
VIX ViX Image Catalog
VIZ AEC|VIZ 3D File Format (TORNADO Technologies Inc.)
VIZ Division dVS/dVISE File
VIZ Visualize-IT
VIZIERFONT Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VI_ Audio Waveprg Samplitude Compressed File
VJL Visual J# Source Code (Microsoft Corporation)
VJS QuickTime Music File (Apple Inc.)
VJSPROJ Visual J# Project File (Microsoft Corporation)
VK Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VKL Virtual Edit
VKP Sony Ericsson Patch File (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB)
VL Vividlyrics Vividlyrics (Vividlyrics)
VL Visual Labels File
VL2 Tribes 2 Server Connection FIle (Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)
VLAB VisionLab Studio Project (FXhome Limited)
VLB Corel Ventura Library
VLC ACUCOBOL-GT License File (Acucorp, Inc.)
VLD DataFlex Variable Length Data File (Data Access Corporation)
VLM Ashlar-Vellum Drawing (Ashlar Incorporated)
VLM Novell Virtual Loadable Module
VLM Vellum CAD Drawing
VLM DraftBoard Drawing (Concetps Technology Co., Ltd)
VLP LiveSite Project (Valadeo Technologies Corp.)
VLT VLC Player Skin
VLT Darn! Passwords! Vault File (Thornsoft Development, Inc.)
VLW Video Linkwell Document (Martin Koob)
VLX AutoCAD AutoLISP Macro Application (Autodesk, Inc.)
VM Geoworks Virtual Memory File
VM Virtual Memory Swap File
VM Samsung Cell Phone Voice Memo (Samsung)
VM Sakai Project Template (The Sakai Foundation)
VM$ AVImark Database (Henry Schein, Inc.)
VM1 Panasonic SD Voice Editor File
VMAC VMware Document (VMware, Inc.)
VMAP MaNGOS WoW Map Physics Info (MaNGOS Foundation)
VMB Quicken 2002 Order File (Intuit Inc.)
VMBA VMware Document (VMware, Inc.)
VMC Virtual PC Virtual Machine (Microsoft Corporation)
VMC DESQview Video Monitor Configuration (Symantec Corporation)
VMC Acrobat Virtual Memory File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
VMC Virtual Memory Configuration
VMC VMware VMC Document (VMware, Inc.)
VMD VocalTec Media Descriptor (VocalTec Communications Ltd.)
VMD Visual Molecular Dynamics File
VMDC VMware Virtual Disk File (VMware, Inc.)
VMDF MyWinLocker Yo-Safe Encrypted Virtual Drive File (EgisTec, Inc.)
VMDK VMware Virtual Disk File (VMware, Inc.)
VME Virtual Matrix Encryption File
VMF FaxWorks Audio File
VMF Ventura Font Characteristics
VMF VocalTec Internet Wave Audio
VMF Steam Source SDK Map Source File (Valve Corporation)
VMG Nokia Text Message (Nokia)
VMI Dreamcast Doiwnload Info File (Sega)
VMM Visual Mind Document (Mind Technologies, A.S.)
VMO Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover File
VMO Siemens Mobile Phone Voice File (Siemens)
VMO Virtools Behavioral Server Composition
VMP Logos Library System 2.x Verse Map
VMP ViewMinder Compressed Archive (ViewMinder Limited)
VMR Veeam Report Viewer Veeam Monitor Report File (VeeamSoftware)
VMR VBMaximizer File
VMS Dreamcast VMU Save File (Sega)
VMS Sound File
VMS VMS-specific Text File
VMS Versailles Agreement on Materials and Standards
VMS Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VMSN VMware Snapshot (VMware, Inc.)
VMSS VMware Suspend State (VMware, Inc.)
VMT Steam Source SDK Texture Content File (Valve Corporation)
VMT VMware Document (VMware, Inc.)
VMTM VMware Document (VMware, Inc.)
VMU Dreamcast VMU Save File (Sega)
VMV Nikon Scan Cache File (Nikon Inc.)
VMV VirtualNES/VisualBoyAdvance Movie Capture
VMWAREVM VMware Fusion Virtual Machine (VMware, Inc.)
VMX Infor ERP Visual ERP Data Modelling & Reporting (Infor)
VMX VectorMAX Streaming Video
VMX VMware Configuration File (VMware, Inc.)
VMX2 VectorMAX Streaming Video
VMX3 VectorMAX Streaming Video
VMXF VMware Document (VMware, Inc.)
VNC Virtual Network Computing
VNC GibbsCAM CAD/CAM File (Gibbs and Associates, Inc.)
VNC Virtual PC Virtual Network Configuration File (Microsoft Corporation)
VNC TightVNC Configuration File (TightVNC Development Team)
VND Medlin Accounting Vendor Information (Medlin Accounting)
VNM VenomIDE Venom-SC Program (Micro-Robotics Limited)
VNS Visual Net Server File
VNT Decorating Vignette Web Interior Decorating Plug-In (The Learning Company)
VNT Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Note File (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB)
VO Vivid Include File
VO10 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOB Vue Objects (e-on software, inc.)
VOB DVD Video Movie File
VOB Vue d'esprit
VOC Creative Labs Sound
VOC Quartet Audio File
VOC Sound File
VOCA Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOCAB Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOD WorldGroup Manager Video on Demand
VOF VZ Programmer Object Folder
VOICE Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOID Halflife Map Voids File
VOK VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) Dictionary File
VOK PocketVoc Vocabulary File (hfrmobile)
VOK VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) Flashcard Deck (Paul Raedle)
VOL Earth Siege 2 Archive
VOL Giants: Citizen Kabuto Archive (Planet Moon Studios)
VOL Tribes 2 Game File (Sierra)
VOL Tribes Archive
VOL Tribes Extreme Archive
VOL FreeOTFE Volume File (Sarah Dean)
VOL2 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOL4 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOL6 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOL8 Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOR StarOffice Template (Sun)
VOR Template (
VORT Very Ordinary Rendering Toolkit Bitmap
VOS Virtual Orchestra Studio Song Database (HanseulSoft Inc)
VOT Recorded Video
VOX Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VOX SuperVoice Voice File (ITMS Ltd)
VOX Dialogic ADPCM
VOX Natural MicroSystmes Voice File
VOX Talking Technology Inc. File
VOX VoxWare MetaVoice Encoded Audio (Voxware, Inc.)
VOYAGEFONT Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VP xfit Viewpoint File
VP 3D Studio Video Posting (Autodesk, Inc.)
VP Conflict: Freespace Archive
VP Ventura Publisher File
VP VOCPACK Lossless Compressed Audio
VP Visual Passage Planner Vessel Profile File (Digital Wave)
VP Homeworld (Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)
VP2 Videophile II Video Multimedia Library
VP3 VP3 Sewing Machine File
VP3 VP3 Encoded Video File (On2 Technologies, Inc.)
VP4 VP4 Encoded Video File (On2 Technologies, Inc.)
VP5 VP5 Encoded Video File (On2 Technologies, Inc.)
VP6 VP6 Encoded Video File (On2 Technologies, Inc.)
VPA Excite Chat Gestures File
VPB Quantel VPB Graphic
VPC PhotoDVD Compilation File (VSO-Software)
VPC ViziGen Project Configuration File (ViziGen Ltd)
VPD PhotoDVD Project File (VSO-Software)
VPD Virpet Performance Descriptor
VPD VitaGraph File
VPDB VIP Organizer Information Database (VIP Quality Software, Ltd.)
VPF Vector Product Format
VPG VPGraphics File
VPH Virtual Pascal OS/2 Help
VPI Virtual Pascal OS/2 Unit
VPJ V IDE Project File (Object Central)
VPJ Pixbend Studio Video Project File (Nexilogic)
VPJ VTune Performance Monitor Project File (Intel)
VPK EverQuest II Game Archive (Sony Online Entertainment)
VPK Verge Pack Files Created by PackEd (VERGE Co Ltd)
VPK Steam NCF Archive (Valve Corporation)
VPL TeX Virtual Property List File
VPL vanBasco Karaoke Player Playlist File
VPM Garmin Voice File (Garmin Ltd.)
VPM Vox Proxy Macro (Right Seat Software, Inc.)
VPM VPIM Voice Message
VPN WinGate VPN Configuration File (Qbik IP Management Limited)
VPP Red Faction/Summoner Package File
VPP Virtual Pool Game
VPP Visual Paradigm for UML Project (Visual Paradigm)
VPR Visual Prolog Resource
VPR Premiere Preset (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
VPR VideoCraft Project Bitmap Animation
VPRJ dpsVelocity Project File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
VPS Visual Pinball Script
VPT Visual Pinball Table (Randy Davis)
VPU Avast! Setup/Update Package (ALWIL Software a.s.)
VPW Visual SlickEdit Workspace
VPWORKSPACE Visual Paradigm for UML Default Folder for Projects (Visual Paradigm)
VPX Fh5 US English File
VQA Command & Conquer File (Westwood Studios)
VQA XCC AV Player File
VQE Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File (Yamaha Corporation of America)
VQF Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization (TwinVQF) Music File
VQF Yamaha Sound-VQ File (Yamaha Corporation of America)
VQL Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File (Yamaha Corporation of America)
VRB Dictionary File
VRB visionapp Remote Desktop Settings (visionapp AG)
VRD VRScape Virtual Reality Model Loader
VRD Visio Report Definition File (Microsoft Corporation)
VRD Digital Photo Professional' Recipe File (Canon, Inc.)
VRE VREAMScript Extension
VRF Oracle 7 Configuration File
VRF Ventrilo Audio Recording (Flagship Industries, Inc.)
VRINTERFACE Unknown Apple II File (found on Golden Orchard Apple II CD Rom)
VRL VS Ver 1.0 Model Data File (MathEcology, LLC)
VRM Quattro Pro Overlay File (Corel)
VRM Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRM Visual REXX Language Source Code File (Watcom)
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRO DVD Recorder File
VRO StatCrew Roster File (Stat Crew Software)
VRP Watcom Project File
VRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver (Corel Corporation)
VRT GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library Virtual Format
VRW VREAMScript Command Language ActiveX 3D
VRX Visual ReportX Report Data File (Vagner Pagotti)
VS Vivid Include File
VS2 Roland-Bass Transfer File
VSA Persony VShow Information (Persony, Inc.)
VSA Altirisí Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) Virtual Solution Archive (Symantec Corporation)
VSB VSampler Soundbank (MAZ Sound Tools GmbH)
VSC VirusScan Configuration (McAffee)
VSD Visio Drawing (Microsoft Corporation)
VSDIR Visual Studio IDE NewFileItems File (Microsoft Corporation)
VSDISCO Visual Studio .NET Dynamic Discovery File (Microsoft Corporation)
VSF VComm Signal File Record File (SimPhonics, Inc.)
VSF Voltage SecureFile Encrypted File (Voltage Security, Inc.)
VSH VirusShield Configuration File (McAfee)
VSI ratDVD Internal File (RatDVD - Canada)
VSK Microsoft Development Common IDE File
VSK Vicon iQ Skeleton Template (Vicon Motion Systems Ltd.)
VSL GetRight Download List File (Headlight Software, Inc.)
VSL Visio Library (Microsoft Corporation)
VSL COMPRESS DOS Version Pressure Vessel Data File (Codeware Inc.)
VSM VisSim Simulation Model
VSMACROS Visual Studio .NET Binary-based Macro Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VSMPROJ Visual Studio .NET Unicode-based Macro Project (Microsoft Corporation)
VSO NVIDIA Compiled Vertex Shader (NVIDIA Corporation)
VSP SPX Sprite
VSP Virtusales ASP Compiler Project File
VSP ClosetMaid Visual Storage Planner Design (Computer Human Interaction, LLC)
VSP VideoStudio Project File (Corel Corporation)
VSR Cpcam Backup Video Surveillance File (Szatellit Elektronika KFT)
VSR Sony VSR-2000 Multi Access Video and Audio Server File (Sony Electronics Inc.)
VSR Access Branded Report Format (Microsoft Corporation)
VSS Shapeware Visio Smartshapes File
VSS Visio Stencil (Microsoft Corporation)
VST Targa Bitmap
VST Truevision Vista Graphic
VST Visio Template (Microsoft Corporation)
VSV Virtual PC Virtual Machine Saved-State (Microsoft Corporation)
VSW Visio Workspace File (Microsoft Corporation)
VSX XML for Visio Stencil File (Microsoft Corporation)
VSYS VirtuaSys (VirtuaSys :: Sistemas Virtuais)
VSZ Msdev Visual Interdev98 Templates Web Projects file
VT Linux VT100 File
VTBL PIPE-FLO Professional Valve Data Table (Engineered Software, Inc.)
VTC ReliaSoft ALTA 6 & Weibull++ 6 & BlockSim
VTD Custom Virtual Device Driver
VTF Steam Source SDK Compiled Texture File (Valve Corporation)
VTFX 3D Visualization 3D Visualization (ceetron)
VTI ParaView VTK Image Data (Kitware, Inc.)
VTK VTK Sample File
VTK ParaView Legacy VTK File (Kitware, Inc.)
VTL Vocabulary Trainer (Martin Brunner)
VTM Cold Fusion Studio Query
VTP VisionTools Pro-e Touch Panel Source File (Crestron)
VTP ParaView VTK Polygonal Data (Kitware, Inc.)
VTR ParaView VTK Rectilinear Grid (Kitware, Inc.)
VTS VTune Performance Monitor Project File (Intel)
VTS ParaView VTK Structured Grid (Kitware, Inc.)
VTU ParaView VTK Unstructured Data (Kitware, Inc.)
VTU Virtue3D Optimizer Compressed 3D Graphic (Virtue3D)
VTX XML for Visio Template File (Microsoft Corporation)
VTX Steam Source SDK Compiled Model File (Valve Corporation)
VTX Vertex 2D CAD Drawing (Vertex Systems Oy)
VU Playstation 2 VU Development Source Code (Sony Corporation of America)
VU xfit Vector or Line File
VUD Virtual PC Virtual Machine Undo File (Microsoft Corporation)
VUE 3D Studio Animation (Autodesk, Inc.)
VUE Schedule+ Configuration (Microsoft Corporation)
VUE Vue Scene File (e-on software, inc.)
VUI Visual Navigation Suite Export/Import Settings (Jeppesen Marine, Inc.)
VUZE Vuze File (Vuze Project Team)
VVA Virtual Interactive Versatile Album (VIVA) Template (Versatile Albums (UK) Ltd)
VVA VV&A Documentation Tool Verification, Validation and Accreditation Information (U.S. Navy SPAWAR)
VVC Infinity Game Engine Visual Spell Casting Effects (BioWare Corp.)
VVD Minolta Scanner 3D Element File (Minolta)
VVF ViVerify Fingerprint
VVN Vivien Document (Cast Group of Companies Inc.)
VVP Visual Voice Project File
VVR ViVerify Repair
VVS Audio File
VVT VersaPro Variable View Table
VVT Vivien Template (Cast Group of Companies Inc.)
VVVVVV VVVVVV Map File (Distractionware)
VW Lightscape View
VW Volkswriter Text File
VWD Cubig Digital Recorder Sound File (Cubig Group)
VWF CADvance Drawing File
VWL MGI VideoWave Video Wave Library (Sonic Solutions)
VWP Voxware MetaVoice Plug-in (Voxware, Inc.)
VWR Metatec Corp. Multimedia Viewer
VWR PC Tools File Viewer
VWT MGI VideoWave Video Wave Thumbnail (Sonic Solutions)
VX EARS Component File
VX V IDE Automatically Generated MakeFile (Object Central)
VX V++ Private VPascal Module Code File (Digital Optics Ltd)
VXD Virtual Device Driver
VXI VimX Updater Data File (VimX Technologies Inc.)
VXL Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation (
VXM VS Ver 1.0 Session Model Parameters (MathEcology, LLC)
VXML VoiceXML Source File (The VoiceXML Forum)
VXP VTune Performance Monitor Pack and Go File (Intel)
VXP VisiTrax Playlist File (Synapsa Productions)
VXS Voice Xpress User Profile
VXT Test Automation Editor Vector XML Test Module (Vector)
VXX IOsubsys Driver File
VY4 Samsung Native Proprietary Voice Codec (Samsung)
VYD VyperHelp
VYK MISYS File (GEPRO spol. s r.o.)
VZ VZ200/300 Image File (type F0)
VZ VZ200/300 Image File (type F1)

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